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Well Hello ATL! You sure did surprise us! We have enjoyed the better part of two days, and still would be going had complete exhaustion not set in…that and some sore feet!

Started our lovely visit with a trip to the Carter Center/Presidential Museum and Library.

It was informative, a look back at moments in time, so much history that we actually experienced, some hard, but mostly it was a much better view of Carters time in office, from his perspective, as well as a reflection of many of the crises we faced at that time as a country. It was also interesting to see  how President Carter has continued to serve as a world leader in numerous humanitarian efforts, and this caption by Walter Mondale as they left office caught our eye…It was refreshing to remember that these could be values reflective of an administration occupying the White House, reflective of leadership past…but possible!

Had an over the top meal at Leon’s Full Service, in Decatur, which was this amazing refurbished gas station! We both agreed, best burger so far!

Started today with a stop at Krog Street Market, had great coffee and baked goods from Little Tart Bake shop,

then off for a bit of shopping at Ponce City Market,

which is this crazy cool multi-use marketplace that used to be an old Sears Warehouse built in 1923. It has been updated, but retains much of the original bones.  At its peak it employed 1000 people and was over a million square feet! It is full of wonderfully creative and hip restaurants, boutique shops, local art, as well as a few of our favorite chains!

We then left and walked over to Highland Avenue, yet another couple of neighborhoods to explore, then back to Ponce hoping to take in the view from the top, but it was closed. We took a walk on the Beltline, a several mile long path that was full of runners, walkers, gawkers and rollerbladers, as well as loads of dogs! It was refreshing to see so many people outside!


We joined in the fun and took in the Atlanta sunset, as well as a photo shoot!  This entire area reminds us so much of Chelsea Market in NYC , only bigger. It was actually created by the same developer!

Had a lovely dinner back at Krog Street Market, Freds Meat and Bread, another burger (okay, this was only because it was rated #1 in the city!) which was even more amazing.

And now we’re back at our lovely Airbnb (yes, another great pick!) watching Thursday Night Football and looking ahead at Chattanooga….whew! I am feeling even more tired just recounting a few of the things we did!!!

Feeling confident we will sleep well tonight!

Anyway, I finish as I started…Atlanta was yet another pleasant surprise on this wonderful journey! A very vibrant, diverse, changing, growing metropolis, with kind, warm, friendly people, and most with crazy cool accents!

Tomorrow Tennessee is calling, so we must go! And as always, thanks for joining us!!!