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Wow! And Wow again! What an unbelievable almost 48 hours in this amazing town! We have had our souls moved, filled with the sweet spirit and soulful music that Austin is famous for, as well as our appetites satiated with food that makes us yearn for more!!! We are exhausted, happy, thrilled, and mostly eager to return!

Today we started with of course our usual vetted coffee, this time at Patika, one of the best rated in town.

We also had a quick breakfast bite, then off to checking out some of the local shops.  We headed to the North Side, a few vintage shops, past the University of Texas, and to the first Whole Foods Grocery store for a few essentials.  It was a little rainy so we did some driving around, looking at different neighborhoods, checking out some record shops and vintage music stores as well.

We then had a late lunch/early dinner at Browns BBQ, which was off the rails awesome! Best BBQ this girl has ever had!!! And the pitmaster/owner, as well as the other various family members who work at this small but mighty food cart setting were so gracious and friendly, offering us up samples of their craft, which we dutifully accepted with glee!!! Thank you all again so very much!!!

After this deliciousness we came home, rested for a bit, and were gifted by our lovely hosts Catherine and Andrew with a bottle of Washington Cabernet, which took us right back to the NW! They are so very kind, helpful, and full of southern hospitality which seems to prevail everywhere! We have been so very lucky with all of our stays at airbnb’s! So much more fun to stay in an actual home, especially when we have a couple of nights somewhere, not to mention usually more cost effective!

After the rest and the wine, we were off again to listen to the happy hour music set at The Saxon Pub, which is within walking distance of where we are staying.  We listened to Denny Freeman, an old school band with a bluesy/soulful/country/rock vibe, which from what we can decipher, is pure Austin! And we savored every moment!!! We were blown away, again, by our good fortune to be in this moment, at this time, and how full life can be when we let ourselves just be…

There were so many more moments, as there are most of the time, that we will not soon forget. We are full of and in the joy of life!

Tomorrow we are on the road again early, long drive across the longhorn state to El Paso! I am thinking that there will be at least one Pecan stop….

Thanks so much, as always,

for hanging in and hanging on!