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A very quick trip today to Chattanooga, just one night, basically a few short hours, but we did our usual scrambling, and had a lovely time!

We left Atlanta after a coffee stop at Little Tart Bakery, then hit the road. We detoured a couple of times in search of the first of the season Pecans, had a little luck, bought a couple of pounds in the shell to take home.  We arrived in Chattanooga early afternoon, dropped our bags at the hotel, and off we were to the Chattanooga Choo Choo!

It was sweet and nostalgic, but really not much there. We then took a walk down Broad street, stopped at the 1100 Market, yet another repurposed older building totally redone with multi-use spaces, really cool!

We continued to check out the downtown area, the lovely Tennessee river, an amazing footbridge that we walked across, and I spent some time sitting on a bench just watching the water…it was sheer heaven!

After some strolling, we grabbed a quick dinner, then went to a free bluegrass festival, called the Three Sisters Festival, on the waterfront that was the highlight of the day!

It was so fun to sit with the folks of this town, so many families, food carts, lovely sunset, and super great music! M made immediate friends with the gal at Clumpys Ice Cream cart, Raelynn, a super sweet local gal who gave great tips on flavor choices, recommending the Sunflower OJ Blossom, which was lively and wonderful! I of course preferred the chocolate chunk, but am taking a hiatus from the crack cream for at least a day!

We only stayed for one band, but we felt really fulfilled! M told me it was on her bucket list to see some live music on this trip, and here we are!!!

Tomorrow we are hoping to make an early exit for Nashville! Maybe an opportunity for more music perhaps???

Another day of adventure under our belts, and we are so grateful for your willingness to continue the journey with us!