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There’s a whole lotta world out there, and it is GRAND!!! Today was one of those days that Colleen and I keep running into, or more appropriately, driving through the grandeur.

We hit it early, in a chilly 50 degrees, the breathtaking expanse of the South Fork of the Snake River. Including two soaring osprey overhead.

Onward to Jackson (I’m not sure if they still call it Jackson Hole or if it is more cool to just call it Jackson). Anyway, we checked out a sweet little bakery called Persephone.

If you wonder how that might be considered grand you may be more into Paleo eating. The most grand thing we had here was their morning glory muffin. It was like a carrot cake on steroids, massive healthy ingredients, including kale! Super yum!

Our schedule is fairly hoppin’ these first few days so we are on the move…we have important business ahead in Lander…

So next is… drum role please: ┬áThe Grand Tetons! All I can say is, if you’ve not seen them, put them on your bucket list:

As we scooted along just beyond the Tetons, we encountered a Yellowstone style traffic jam, amateur paparazzi lined the roadway to catch “that” shot: Bison. They are big and definitely grand.

As we continued to our final destination, more and more breathtaking views, through the Wind River range to Lander, Wyoming. Why Lander? We were meeting up with our nieces, Kelly (not pictured) and Brigid who go to college here, my sister Susan, and the grandest of all….. my Momma!!

Yay, the day is completely GRAND!