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Today was productive! We got up well rested, packed up, and enjoyed a lovely pancake breakfast bar at The Bavarian Inn, which gets our first 1st Place Award for Best Accommodations yet!

The staff were warm, personable, fun, and extremely helpful and informative! If you ever get to the Custer SD area, stay here!!! You won’t be disappointed!

We revisited the Needles Highway, which we could have driven again and again! The rock formations and retro vibe were super cool!


Thank you Cherie and Tracy for this recommendation from your travels!


Next we were on to Mt Rushmore, which is amazing, although kind of weird to see this cool rock transformed into something else…But also steeped in history, and well visited!! Luckily we arrived early enough to avoid most of the 20,000 per day visitors!

You may wonder what Colleen is snapping a photo of while the original George W. is watching in the distance…Hmmm…Its Thomas Jefferson’s original Ice Cream Recipe! Sadly, it was unreadable, but she will certainly attempt to recreate!

Then we were back on the road to Wall Drug, which we had been seeing billboards about since somewhere in Idaho. ¬†Indescribable really, but hopefully it is a boon to the local economy. ¬†We had lunch across the street, and then were off to our next stop….

The Badlands National Park! As so well described by Fredrick Remington, artist:”No words of mine can describe these Bad Lands. One set of buttes, with cones and minarets, gives place in the next mile to natural freaks of different variety never dreamed of by mortal man…”

The experience is at once breathtaking, quiet, serene and soulful. Truly a highlight of the trip thus far.

After such an eventful beginning to the day, we enjoyed the long leg into Minneapolis, where we were greeted by Marianne’s sister Diane and her lovely husband Bob! They were warm and welcome faces. We will be here for a couple of days, spending time with family and friends…We will try to post as time permits!

Thanks for tagging along, we love the company!