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Okay so today started off a little sleepy, literally! We were up super late last night with the family, and woke up this morning way too early. After a nice breakfast in Lander, and two coffee stops, we were on the road again.

It was another day of smoky driving, mostly in eastern Wyoming, and then it got much worse when we arrived in South Dakota.


We were a little nervous, not sure where the smoke was coming from, and the closer we got to Custer, the worse it was.  When we finally arrived at our hotel, (The Bavarian Inn in Custer, amazing!) we were relieved to find that it was coming from fires quite a ways away in Montana and northern Wyoming.  Geeze we really miss those ocean breezes about now!

Anyway, the drive was long and fairly uneventful until arriving in Custer. We were able to drive the Needles Highway inside Custer State Park, where we saw this guy….seemed like a mellow fellow!

We were blown away by the massiveness of the rock formations, and the overall beauty of this area…We hope to get back tomorrow on our way to Mt Rushmore, hoping the smoke will clear some.

Custer is a cute, historical tourist town, fairly full for the holiday weekend, with a lot of bikers, maybe still leaving Sturgis? Not really sure when that was….and this cutie at a the Purple Pie House…

Again, was a bit obscured by smoke, but we are hoping to see more in the morning! This was a smoky sunset over one of the lakes in the park…

Off tomorrow to Mt Rushmore, Wall Drugs and the Badlands on our way to the motherland…Minneapolis here we come!!!