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Well we did make it out of the door, and I think we fit everything we could possibly think of into our car! We left a  little later than we had hoped, but were leaving PDX by 9:45, and that was after stopping for coffee and our last New Seasons foraging for a while!

We had a lovely drive down the Gorge, Marianne got some practice with time-lapse photography, and a few cat naps!

We took a brief stop and walk about in Pendleton, it was…well…interesting! Some amazing historical homes that were very cool,

and the landscape of this town is quite spectacular with the small downtown area in a valley flanked by lovely hills.   I am thinking the biggest draw for this town is the hugely popular Pendleton Round up, where about 45,000 gather to watch rodeos and such!

There is also a Pendleton mill here, like the one in Camas near our home, but we didn’t get a chance to see it….

We then drove through eastern Oregon, and gosh, what a lot of smoke! We had heard that Cycle Oregon was cancelled because of all the fires, but we were shocked to see how much smoke was just hanging for literally hundreds of miles, well into Idaho!

We also hit a lot of road construction, it slowed us down quite a bit, but overall smooth sailing for a holiday weekend!!!

Had a lovely take out meal at Jakeys, we shared the loveliest Ahi tuna salad, and the biggest baked potato ever…of course, we are in Idaho after all!!!