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Oh such a sad morning this morning leaving our dear friends in Louisville! We had such a fantastic last day with them, driving though this lovely city, including stops at Mohammad Ali’s gravesite in the largest cemetery we have ever seen called Cave Hill.

There were thousands of ornate and large monuments, historic and modern, in a beautiful and peaceful setting. Apparently it is so large that it has not one but two lakes! We had a great lunch out at Butchertown Market,

a wee bit of shopping followed by a nice night in, complete with a visit from Mary’s delightful sister Rosalie, and of course Mary’s famous Manhattan cocktails! We then rolled out of bed bright and early, and with teary hugs left our dear sweet friends and their furry children Buddy and Moby, heading on down the road toward our next stop….but first, I nearly forgot to mention that we did make it to the horse races as well, at Keeneland, outside of Lexington! It was truly a southern cultural experience, complete with hats, attire, betting and big, beautiful horses! We had a great time, and such beauty driving through the rolling green hills of this part of the country!

The drive through Tennessee was again a bit rainy, but one sight that was a ray of light in the storm was the abundant cotton fields! They were so vast and beautiful with the white puffy billows dancing in the fall breeze, looking a little like tiny snowballs! Sadly this is not our photo, as it was too dangerous to stop, but hopefully you get the idea!

A quick drop off of our bags at the Airbnb we booked, and we headed straight to Beale Street. We popped in to the Peabody hotel, but apparently missed the live ducks they reportedly have in their lobby! We made our way to the blues bars and gift shops, which did not disappoint as the soulful sound of live blues music filled the streets!

Unfortunately we didn’t have much time to spend in any one place, but we did tour the small but mighty Withers Collection Museum and Gallery, which was honoring him with a tribute party.  Dr. Earnest C Withers was the personal photographer to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and his photographs during the 50’s an 60’s captured moments and movements, life and death, courage and conviction, and so many faces full of resilience, fight and tenacity.

His photos speak loudly without a whisper.  We were invited to watch a performance by a local youth group, and it moved us tremendously.  Again we both felt so very fortunate to be right where we were in that moment. Such power in that room, such emotion, such energy!

We capped the evening tonight with a Memphis BBQ dinner at a local recommendation, Central BBQ, and it was great! We are now feeling more than fulfilled for today, and looking forward to tomorrow in this delightful town!

Every day we are so grateful that you are traveling with us!

Thank you!!