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Wow! Time just seems to be going by faster and faster! We had a super nice time in Greenville, again albeit short! We stayed in a charming AirB&B, finally a washing machine in our unit!!! Yay!!!

We  took in as much as we could of the downtown in the evening, enjoying a lovely dinner at Tupelo Honey Cafe, with the most lovely and southernly hospitable server Alexis! She gave us wonderful information on the town, and we enjoyed her smile! When people really engage with you when you are traveling and away from your peeps, it means so much, especially when it is so warm and genuine as many of the folks we have met here in the Southern US!

We awoke this morning, headed for another truly enjoyable cup of coffee at Methodical (of course M knew instantly it was her kind of place…go figure!) Coffee,

followed by brunch at Caviar and Banana’s, a wonderful little local market and eatery with fabulous baked goods, sandwiches and more upscale prepared foods, much like New Seasons back home…so good!!!

We then made our way to a bike trail, and on the way passed a crowd of protesters outside of city hall, calling for Trump to resign, be fired, calling into question his mental health, etc….be still my beating heart! So lovely to see this sort of activism alive and thriving in these parts!

We finally got on the bike trail, got on the Brompton’s and rode the amazing Swamp Rabbit Trail along the Reedy River, which for much of the way actually did look more like a swamp then a river.  But it was a beautiful, totally paved 39 mile path that goes from Greenville, out past Furman University, and then well beyond.  We rode out to the College and back, which was about 18 miles.  It was wonderful!

After the ride we hopped into the car and drove out to Travelers Rest, as small town about 10 miles outside of Greenville,

didn’t spend much time there, but it was sweet.  Check out this little eatery we passed on the way…The parking lot was packed!!! Folks here seem to love their ham biscuits!


Got back to Greenville, had an uneventful dinner, did a little shopping, then back to our lovely home away from home! Also spending a bit of time researching for tomorrow as we are off to Atlanta!!! This little accolade was on the menu where we ate, both of us were wondering why we have never heard of this magazine…

Our minds continued to be close to the tragedy in Las Vegas, and our hearts are broken for the sadness and losses sustained, here as well as the Caribbean. Our world is such a hard place right now, and we are intentionally looking for and trying to put forth as much good as we can. It supports moments of balance, of peace, and of love.

We continue to be grateful for taking time to join us, it is truly a joy to have you along!!!