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Asheville NC to Charlotte NC

Asheville NC to Charlotte NC

  • Author: nevrbord
  • Date Posted: Sep 30, 2017
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  • Address: 600 East 4th Street Charlotte, NC 28202

Despite how awesome this city is, Charlotte is also one of the most affordable places in the country to live. For example, the average home sale price is around $185,000 and the average rent just outside of the city center is around $750 a month. Compared to other cities of this size, that’s quite the bargain. Heck, the average domestic beer during a night on the town is around $2. One thing’s for sure, the Queen City is a great place to get a bang for your buck.

Known for being the part of town where new bars, restaurants, and galleries seem to pop up like weeds, NoDa is one area of Charlotte that can’t be missed. It’s in the area where North David Street and 36th meet and it’s the perfect place to go for all of your nighttime entertainment needs. Like Burgushi…

It’s basically sushi rolls with burger ingredients…not surprisingly, it’s stunningly delicious. However, it’s one of those dishes you’ll just have to try for yourself to fully grasp. Thankfully the Cowfish has plenty of burgushi to go around.

And, Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina, filled with diversity, quirks, history, and soon, two gals on the trail!

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