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Sonora CA to Ashland OR

Sonora CA to Ashland OR

  • Author: nevrbord
  • Date Posted: Oct 29, 2017
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  • Address: 20 East Main Street Ashland, OR 97520

Gravity has a mind of its own here and objects roll uphill on their own accord. If you’re short, you can stand in one spot, and your tall friend in another spot, and somehow you will be the tall one…don’t ask how it works, just go with it.

You probably don’t think of covered bridges when you think of Oregon, but Oregon has the most covered bridges in the West. So next time you take your Sunday drive, take a tour.

Ashland is the 2nd best city for walking in Oregon. You’ll want to walk in the historic Plaza, with 48 places on the National Register Of Historic Places. If you don’t walk on the streets, definitely take to the Ashland Watershed rails that surround the city.

Home of the United Bicycle Institute, which offers a bicycle building program, and with miles of bike lanes and bike trails surrounding the city, Ashland is a bicycle paradise. Locals also ride in the Ride The Rogue bicycle event at the Rogue River.