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Portland ME to Provincetown MA

Portland ME to Provincetown MA

Provincetown is the gayest town in the US per capita according to the US census. Historically, Provincetown has been a haven for the LGBTQIA+ community for many decades. It is no wonder people make annual trips or buy homes in the place considered the “last gay resort.” The place radiates with palpable pride, community, and a deep appreciation for diversity. Provincetown holds a promise that people can be whatever they want to be here while giving individuals the space to find out exactly what that means.

Also, the Mayflower first came to Provincetown, not Plymouth.

Provincetown is referred to as “America’s First Destination.” Contrary to what you may have been told, the Mayflower did not first land in Plymouth. Only after signing the Mayflower Compact, the country’s first democratic document, did they move on to Plymouth five weeks after landing in search of better water and soil. In 2020, the town will celebrate the 400-year anniversary of the historic landing. According to the Executive Director at the Pilgrim Monument, only 10% of people who first come to Provincetown know about the Pilgrim’s history here.

We are looking forward to seeing this wonderfully diverse city, as well as Cape Cod!

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