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Waco TX to Austin TX

Waco TX to Austin TX

  • Author: nevrbord
  • Date Posted: Oct 19, 2017
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  • Address: 500 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78701

The capital of Texas marches to the beat of a different drum circle. It’s a government town that’s also a hotbed for artists and musicians, and a high-tech hub that has a thriving independent business class. It’s a place where a cross-dressing mayoral candidate can become a local icon, and where college students, drifters, celebrities, biker gangs and well-heeled Formula One fans can all rub elbows.


In addition to “Live Music Capital of the World,” Austin is known as the “Violet Crown City,” a reference to the purplish light cast over the hills on winter evenings.

So many tech firms have come to town that Austin now has the nickname “Silicon Hills.” IBM kicked things off in 1967, followed by Texas Instruments, Motorola, 3M, Dell computers, and numerous others. Nowadays, Austin is one of the leading sites for venture capital funding in the nation.

In 1978, John Mackey and Renee Lawson started a natural foods store called SaferWay using a $45,000 loan they scraped together from family and friends. Two years later, they merged with another local store and opened the very first Whole Foods Market.

The city’s unofficial slogan, “Keep Austin Weird,” originated with local librarian Red Wassenich, who uttered the phrase when he called in to a local radio show in 2000. Since then, the slogan has become a fixture on bumper stickers, store signs, and elsewhere around town. The phrase’s anti-gentrification message has also caught on in other cities, like Louisville, Portland and Indianapolis.

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