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And a beautiful day it was! Up after the crack of dawn, we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and were finally able to christen our Brompton’s (that would be our fun, circus clownish, folding bicycles). Colleen and I gridded the majority of town in about two hours…pretty small. I had a great time identifying homes and haunts of my youth and recalling stories, that may have only a sliver of truth left in them. I will say, it’s a lot easier to “remember” stories when you are the only one who has any idea what-so-ever!

Highlights of this day were:

Walking the break wall out to ┬áthe famous Ludington light house. You are able to walk about a half of a mile out over the water of Lake Michigan! If you’ve never seen one of the Great Lakes it is kind of like the ocean, without the salt or the sharks. HUGE water!

205 North Gaylord Avenue:

The family home, beautiful in the 70’s and still beautiful today. The amazing stained glass windows were still intact. (I wish they had been more easily photographable.) So many memories here: Mom deciding it needed a paint job and then doing it herself; Kathi, I think, spearheading an ice rink in the backyard; Play, play, playing ┬ácapture the flag, hoops, and jumping into piles of leaves until exhaustion and darkness forced us to quit…


Ice cream at the House of Flavors, though it had been remodeled, they somehow neglected to leave intact the booth where my b-ball pals and I had hot dogs and ice cream sodas before home games! Time marches on….

(Yes, we may look a little ragged in this pic, but remember we had already road our Brompton’s for two hours!)

And finally we close the day, in a way I am certain I did not fully appreciate so many years ago…watching in awe as the sun set over Lake Michigan, over the break wall, over this little town. I still do remember with such fondness how some of the best days of my youth were had in this magic place…..

Thanks for coming along for a bit of our ride!