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Wow! What a diverse day! Started off with the most amazing breakfast at our B&B in Milwaukee, which included cornflake crusted French toast with caramel syrup, sausage, fresh fruit, and some amazing conversations with 0ur fellow guests! (Why did we not get a picture of that food?!)We lingered for a full hour and a half, just because it was so much fun, and we could! Wish we also would have taken a picture…insert imagination here!

We then took our life into our hands, literally, and ventured driving on the outskirts of Chicago, skirting the city, but not without a full taste and flavor of the crazy driving that these parts surprisingly produce! No less than 5 toll stops that were not really marked at all until the last minute, followed by having to veer across 5 lanes of full on traffic, of which absolutely no one would give an inch to let you in! We literally drove over a traffic island on the first one, and thankfully the car came out unscathed on that venture! I then got wise, channeled my inner LA driver, and although stressful, I was able to hold my own on the next ones! Yes…you can only imagine!!!

Anyway, after all of the fun in Illinois, we were also prepared for the fun in our little part of Indiana, where again, everyone wants to be in the races.  By the time we got to Michigan, all felt very calm and serene!

We stopped just briefly in the small town of Holland MI, it was sweet, a place we would both like to revisit in the future when we get back to these parts.  We then continued on to Ludington MI, where Marianne attended high school.  Lovely views of Lake Michigan, the town is quaint and small, but there is a boat show going on this weekend so all accommodations are full.  We went on a short bike ride, and checked out the lakefront. Reminds me slightly of a coast town in Oregon, but with way bigger, older and nicer homes, and no mountains!  We had a fun dinner at Scotty’s, a town landmark, had the lake perch, it was great! Also tried a local IPA which definitely rivaled any NW brews!

We will spend the day here tomorrow, and then on to Detroit on Sunday! We are also closely evaluating our southern leg into Florida,  not really sure what we may need to change or regroup on right now, and mostly concerned for the lives and livelihood of all living in those parts…sending positive thoughts and strength!!!

This was our first view of the lake, just before sunset…stunning!

As always, thanks for hanging with us!