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Okay all, so very sorry for the delay in getting another post out! We have been so busy enjoying time with our dear friends Mary and Bridget that  trying to fit in time for a blog has been tough! These ladies are keeping us hoppin’ down here in the south! But, tonight, we just got back to their lovely home in Louisville after a couple of packed days in Nashville, so before cocktails get too crazy, I must try to get something timely out!  I will however give just a small snippet of what we have been up to since Chattanooga, so here goes…

First, M and I spent a night in Nashville last Saturday attempting to get a flavor for this town as we were passing through on our way to Louisville, as we had an extra night on the docket.  Passing through some of the backroads of Tennessee, we decided to do something we have never done and took a distillery tour at George Dickel Distillery.

It dates back to the early 1800’s, and is situated in a holler, which come to find out is a small flat area of land between two hills. This place was magically beautiful…

They also protect the water they use like it was oil, as it is truly the base for all of the product.  We took the tour, and then had a tasting, which seemed a little crazy as M does not really drink and I never have liked the whisky/bourbon/scotch spirits, but we th0ught, what the heck, “when in Rome!”  We had a great time!

Didn’t really care much for the tasting, but it was very educational, and the surroundings were beautiful, which we loved!

Arriving in Nashville we quickly took the opportunity to see the new (as of 1974) Gaylord Opry House, and were able to catch some outdoor music there which was truly a treat! We also went to the Germantown neighborhood , only to discover that they were celebrating Octoberfest, which was huge! We got to take in more entertainment there as well, and really just enjoyed being outside on a hot and very humid night! The crowds were large, everywhere, and we could barely walk on Broadway street where all of the honkytonk bars are, but we at least got to see it a bit, and walked a little along the Cumberland river.  The next morning we found great coffee at Steadfast, and headed out of town to make tracks to Louisville.

It was pouring down rain, and we passed no fewer than six major accidents.  After the first couple we were compelled to get off of the interstate and onto the side highways, which proved to not only be less stressful, but lovely as well! Lots of rolling green hills, horse farms and red clay soil in these two states! We drove out to Lincoln’s birthplace, but it was way too wet to even get out of the car!

We then arrived in Louisville, to the warm and cozy home of our dear friends! It has been nearly three years since they left Portland, and it filled our hearts to see them! They got us to the nearest sports bar to catch the Seahawks game, which was grand, and then we spent an evening catching up.  The next day we got to see a bit of this city after taking the car in for its maintenance (7200 miles and counting so far!), and had our first bourbon tasting! By this time we are feeling like we at least have learned a little bit about how to taste, and our friends were very educational as well. We toured the Angels Envy Distillery, and then had tastings thanks to our friends extensive Bourbon bar.

By evenings end, we both decided that we have perhaps under appreciated what goes in to this craft, and we each found something we liked! A total surprise! But again, we are trying to really grasp and appreciate where we are, and in Kentucky, one thing t0 appreciate is Bourbon….

We also joyfully toured Bridgets unbelievably beautiful shop, Mahonia, for the first time! This has been her labor of love, and it shows in every detail! She is so talented and creative, and has been very successful in sharing all of this with Louisville!

On Tuesday morning the four of us ventured back to Nashville for a couple of nights.  We stayed in another lovely transitioning neighborhood called The Fatherland, so fun! We ventured well around the town, highlighted by taking in the Country Music Hall of Fame, as well as touring the Ryman Theater, which is the original home of the Grand Ole Opry, as well as a majorly cool venue for all kinds of music and entertainment.

We had one of the best meals we have ever eaten at Husk, which was so beautiful, and left us speechless with delight! This is truly one of those places where you just know you are someplace very special experiencing something very wonderful! And to share this with these foodie friends made it all just that much more special!

Today we drove back to Louisville, and stopped again (yes we did this on the way to Nashville as well) at the Zappos outlet, and tapped our inner shoe hoarders.  We are all in various stages of unpacking, for the moment, and I feel cocktails are only moments away. Dinner is being prepared, as I smell garlic and other lovely aromatics now filling the house.  Tomorrow we are off to Keeneland Racetrack to take in yet another Kentucky must…watching a horse race! We actually met a horse trainer while we were watching the Seahawks game, and he came through with an offer for box seats with a friend of his who is racing tomorrow! We feel so excited, again having had another “random” moment that is going to prove so cool!!!

So, a couple of more nights in Louisville, will not commit but will try to update before we leave, but Sunday we will be off to Memphis…Graceland is a callin’!

Thanks for joining us, as always it is so much better together!!!