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Landed on Long Island on Monday mid-day, and made our way to the our dear friend Carole’s fathers (Bob Sr) lovely home right on the water. we shared an amazing and generous meal with he and

Carole’s brother Bob, who besides feeding us also took us to the train station! We are so grateful as we were able to leave our car and just pack a small bag for the city! Thank you both so very much!!!

We arrived in Manhattan where we were met by Marianne’s sister Trish, who is always so wonderful and fun to be with! She continues to share with us her favorite finds in this amazing town, and we savor every moment! We took in the Metropolitan Museum of Art,

Central Park, Levain Bakery, as well as the remnants of hurricane Jose which left us windblown, wet, and dealing with oppressive humidity (okay please realize we are northwesterners and probably not so well seasoned for such weather), which is now just beginning to pass.

Forgot to add here: We walked 23,171 Steps today!!! I think this is an all time record since I have been recording on my phone! Felt great, especially after all the sitting in the car for the past few days!

We also saw the highly acclaimed broadway production of “Dear Evan Hansen”, which was incredible!!! Thank you so much Trish!!!

We have had some lovely dinners, NY pizza, toured the Bryant Park New York Public Library, as well as wandered streets we had not before…constant discovery! We are so inspired by this city, how so many people live and work so closely, and the energy it takes to do all of this each day…so much happening constantly…

We are again aware of the kindness of the people here, how they struggle and lay on their horns a bit much, but also how they are respectful, generous and engaging! What a truly wonderful place to be, even for a short time!  We will be back!!!

Off tomorrow morning to New Jersey! After breakfast in Long Island that is!