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Started the day with our adventure out of Manhattan to Long Island via the train.  It was quite an adventure, but once we figured out how to find what track our train was coming in on, all was well.  It is such a lovely little ride, especially going the opposite way of all the commuters!

We went back to Carole’s father’s house to retrieve our car, and he and his son Bob (who graciously picked us up at the train station again!) cooked us a lovely breakfast including awesome bagels, on the waters edge!

It was so lovely to spend time with these lovely men, and we look forward to coming and spending time with them again very soon!  Thank you both so very much, your kindness helped us more than you know! And thank you for the amazing PBJ sandwiches for the road, they came in handy a few hours later! Yummmm!!!

We got back on the road and headed to New Jersey, driving through a few more Burroughs that we had not been to before, including Brooklyn and Staten Island, which was really cool! We saw a sign hanging in a window in Brooklyn stating “Trump is insane”…you go Brooklyn!

We also got to catch a glimpse of the Jersey shore as we came across the state line, but that is as close as we got…

Arrived in Mt Holly late afternoon, went to see our Niece Megan, and her lovely and highly engaging children Audrey, and Patrick. Also visiting was Megan’s dad Bob, who is one of our absolute favorite people on the planet…This is actually the second time we have seen Bob on this adventure, as we stayed at his place in Minneapolis as well.  He is now officially our “groupie”, a role I am sure he cherishes!

We enjoyed a nice dinner with all of them, but sadly missed Ray who is out of town on business.  Hugs Ray!!!  We toured the lovely little historic town of Mt Holly and just truly enjoyed every moment, which were all too short, with this sweet family! So glad we got to see you all on your turf! So fun, and thank you for that!!! Love you all!!!

Off to Virginia tomorrow, more totally awesome relatives to visit!