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Yes! We have landed in Portland Maine! 4200 miles an some change! Still smiling and feeling so happy and amazed to have the opportunity for this wonderful adventure!!! Wow!!!

But first, a bit of an update on today…it was incredible! Woke up in the mountains of western Vermont, very humid, mild, and the air smelled like very clean forest, but different, not like our forests in the NW…not quite as piney…hard to describe, but beautiful! The colors are just barely starting to pop, with bits and hints of reds, yellows an oranges just teasing us…by next week they will be yelling loudly in their boldness!

As we were leaving the small town of Manchester, we had the good fortune of stopping at a little farm store called Dutton Farm.

We were immediately charmed by the hospitality of the women working there, and after some questions and sharing, found out that it is entirely run by women, and has been a family run operation for multiple generations. They shared of how they process the maple from their trees, how it is collected only in the early spring, and we got to taste home made ice cream made from this crop! They told us about the sugar shack, and we saw the miles of tubing that runs from the trees to the shack where it is processed into lovely Grade A syrup, which of course we bought a huge container of!!!

We tasted apples, local cheeses, and felt so lucky to be standing in their company, if only for moments! We were blown away by their generosity and kindness, as well as thier obvious business skills! What amazing inspiration for our gender!!! You go sisters!!!

We stopped at another little farm down the road as well….

We then wove our way through a couple of lovely, quaint small towns, Chester, Grafton, Londonderry, all touting dates of establishment somewhere in the mid 1700’s! Incredible to see the history, and see how these towns are so loved and taken care of still…

We took a brief stop at the Vermont Country Store, as well as King Arthur Flour, both Vermont businesses with national bases, but still very quaint and local feeling.  Fun to see these places where we have shopped on line for years!

We ended our journey today as shared above, in Portland! We dropped our bags and immediately headed to the waterfront for Lobster!

We were not disappointed!!! We had a lovely dinner, on the water, and engaged with a lovely couple from Houston, up here on vacation.  We then met another couple from Nebraska, Phyllis and Larry, who are traveling around the country by train, which they have done on various trips in the past.  Amazing, warm, wonderful people! We hope you take us up on our offer and come to the NW!

We leave today feeling so fortunate, and again the finest parts of our day were in the people we have met, talked to, interacted with, and got to share just a bit with…you are truly the gold of this venture for us!!!

Tomorrow we are turning south, down the Eastern Seaboard, heading to Cape Cod and Provincetown! Still feels surreal…!

Thanks for hanging with us! And we so appreciate the feedback on options for our changing plans for the southern leg! We will keep you posted as to what we come up with, and will change our itinerary as we solidify the change!

Be safe, be happy!