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We had such a lovely, albeit quick trip to Provincetown! We woke up in the morning, found some coffee, and were on the road to Newport!

Again arriving in a town that immediately took our breath away is beginning to sound a bit redundant, but it is so true and we really cannot find other descriptors, so please bear with us!

Newport is surrounded by water, and the colonial history here is fascinating! It appears remarkably intact, in every corner of this beautiful place.  Home after home, building after building, some of the oldest in the country is just not something we see every day on the west coast, so we were in constant awe, drawn into the palatable feast of this town! Then there are the mansions, the boats, the quaint shops, and the kindness of people at every stop…Wow! And please..The Water!!!!

The first remarkable experience was coming upon this little corner printing press shop in a 1700’s old house, where we saw one of those doors that open horizontally, the top half was open, and inside we saw this lovely woman quietly at work, all by herself, with these huge antique presses.

She allowed us to come in and seemed open and eager to share her 60 years of work, allowing us to look at her art, including an upper floor gallery that was so moving! We talked with her about her work, of course bought a few little things, but mostly we felt so moved to have had such a moment with someone so remarkable!  It was so amazing to see her working, walking around her  little shop, up a few stairs that were imprinted wth the repetition of those steps, for so long…again…feeling so fortunate!

We continued walking around the tiny winding streets of Newport, had a really nice fish dinner, and then wandered into another gallery where we had the good fortune of meeting a photographer who uses a drone to capture his images, talked with him at length about his art and how he processes his art, and we were inspired by his love of what he does…again, another chance meeting and a very memorable moment…

Then, we finally arrived at our lovely Airbnb, met our host Charlotte, and the three of us immediately began chatting, sharing, becoming fast friends! We stayed up until nearly midnight, enjoying stories and conversation, and it was heartwarming, fascinating, and again filled our hearts!!! Thank you Charlotte for that!

Waking up today, we were off and running, beginning with Charlotte taking us to some very special and very old Beech Trees nearby.

We were blown away by their size and beauty. You know you are in the presence of something very special!

We took a ton of pictures, then Marianne and I toured a couple of the big mansions, The Breakers as well as Marble House.  They were of course spectacular, oppulent, but also afforded perspective to their time as well as the families that that built them.

We then drove around the area, on the ocean, saw the largest private yacht come to harbor, and had a fascinating conversation with the chef.

He shared that they were out at sea, up the NW passage, over the polar cap, to Greenland, and then down the east coast. They saw polar bears and glaciers, parts of the world that most of us will never see. Again, a moment on the planet with an individual, and we felt so fortunate to hear his story and see the light in his eyes, for a moment.

Tonight we enjoyed a lovely meal, and more meaningful conversation with Charlotte, who now feels like a dear friend.  We are so fortunate to have had our paths cross with this lovely woman, and her hospitality and generostiy of spirit we will never forget!

It has been so lovely here on this Island, and we look forward to returning, very soon!