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Wow! What an incredible few days with Dave, Tara, and the boys in Richmond! We feel so indulged, so lucky to get to have spent some lovely quality time with these amazing people!

Happy hour at a fun restaurant in Richmond, Graffiato.  Unbelievably good Italian food, small plates family style, which fit the bill rather appropriately!   The boys in the forefront of this picture, our nephews Trace and Tyson, have been just a joy to get a little bit of time with! They are so busy, and both incredibly talented artists! They are warm, kind, generous, and just so very sweet!

This blast of a time followed a historic tour of Richmond on a trolley, very historically important buildings, monuments and streets.  Again, so much to see, such a beautiful, beautiful city!

Antebellum style homes, built 40 years before the beginning of the civil war! Stunningly intact, lovingly preserved! Cobblestone streets from the late 1600’s! We saw homes and buildings where George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had stayed, as well as beautiful James river, one of the largest ports on the east coast.

And also this lovely pool party the day before! A very fun BBQ, kids everywhere, lots of neighbors, friends, all enjoying the long end of summer day!  We ended the evening with a lively round of Cards against Humanity, a first for Marianne and I! And, lets just say, it was eye opening, as well as gut-splittingly funny, shocking, embarrassing and, well, lets just leave it at that!!

Marianne took this lovely shot of a metal sculpture on the side of the police headquarters downtown.  It is huge, and just captivating! In fact, the art in this city is everywhere, showcasing not only the talent but also the pride that these Virginians take in their town! It feels both so very old, but also so very modern…the mix of past and present, of difficulties that challenge most of us and make us simultaneously think and shudder, as well as perseverance to continue to move forward….

We will sure miss our time with this sweet little clan! We have sure enjoyed our time here, and again, another place we cannot wait to return to, hopefully very soon! And tomorrow, we are off to Virginia Beach, for time with another family we look forward to seeing!!!

Thanks as always for joining the journey! We are so very happy to have you along!!!