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After a lovely albeit quick morning in Austin, we grabbed our usual really good coffee, and today a quick breakfast taco (yes, taco’s here, no burrito’s!) which were amazing at Maria’s Taco Xpress in south Austin, then on the road….But, we will be back!!!

Texas was a very, very, very long drive today, about 575 miles total….ugh! BUT, it was a beautiful day, traffic was light and no crazy pants drivers, so although long, was somewhat easy! It was much more lovely than either of us remembered from our childhoods, very green and picturesque for the most part.  Here is a glimpse taken through a very buggy windshield!

We did manage a quick stop in Fredricksburg TX for some new crop pecans,(M’s obsession!) and what a totally cute town!

We got to El Paso just before sunset, got some take out for dinner, and a nice little walk, and now we are content to just watch the baseball playoff game.  Tomorrow we hope to drive by the Sun Bowl stadium on our way out of town, then 0n to Tucson! Hoping to get there in time for the Seahawks game!!!

We did a bit of reflecting today on our journey so far, continuing to feel so very lucky to have had this time, to have created all of these new memories and experiences.  We continue to be so grateful to all of you who lent your support, who continue to send us messages and comments on this little blog, we are so very grateful to have you along with us!

And, it feels good to be traveling west…