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And indeed we will miss this amazingly wonderful southern town in the hills! We again had such a full day, within the context of a few all too short hours!

We didn’t get out of the hotel until 11:00ish, sadly, because one of us has a bit of insomnia (Okay, guess who???) and the other one of us let her sleep in waaaayyyy too long! Anyway we left in search of coffee and a quick bite before venturing around Asheville a bit more. What we noticed immediately is that Asheville felt a bit more like home to us when we discovered  long waiting lines outside of several of our “hoping to go to” places, but eventually we landed on one, waited just a bit, and we were not disappointed!  We sat down to an amazing brunch at King Daddy.

This is a local southern style cafe, with warm, lovely service, and the best grits and greens we have ever tasted! We tried a sampling of several things as you can see, and left feeling satiated and surprised! What a wonderful, wonderful meal!

After dining, we walked the neighborhood a bit, hoping to burn off just a bite or two, stopped into a small record shop, and then down the street to a local coffee spot called Battle Cat Coffee to get M an americano.  She has deemed it “totally the best coffee of the trip so far”, which as you know is very high praise! She literally did not quit talking about it all day!!!

We fortunately decided to make haste and get out to the Grove Park Inn, which upon driving up to, took our breath away! It greets you with its grandeur, and you immediately know that you are someplace special!

Again this was one of those places that is so hard to find words that adequately describe the magnitude, the awe, the energy and the history of something so stunning.  I guess that captures some of it…stunning!

Just imagining the stone that was mined to cover and build the expansive hotel, the ingenuity of housing the elevator on the backside of the fireplace, along the chimney to keep the noise down for the guests, was fascinating!

We literally could not quit taking pictures….

We again, all too soon, had to pull ourselves away from the beauty of these mountains, and this town, and make way to our next stop…

Charlotte! We had a lovely short 2 hour drive, cool 75 degrees and sunny, and arrived just around sunset.  We got in a short walk, had a nice surprise of a dinner at Vapiano, which is this fun Italian place, super busy, casual, just what we were in the mood for! Now back to the hotel (which overlooks the NASCAR Museum and Hall off Fame) for the season opener of SNL! Bring on the laughs!

And tomorrow…GO SEAHAWKS!!!! Hopefully we will be able to actually see this game!!!

And as always, thanks for checking in! We are so happy to have you along!