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Okay, so today was one of those days…We knew we had precious little time here, and so many options of things we were hoping to do and see, so we just went for it! We of course started out at a local coffee shop/bakery called Muddy’s, which was amazing! The coffee was top tier, and the ginger scone literally was one of the best I have ever had! The staff was full of southern graciousness and charm, chiming in with even more options for how to spend our day…So sweet!

After coffee we were off to the National Civil Rights Museum.  It is attached to the Lorraine Motel where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated.  It was the kind of museum experience that instead of stimulating our senses reminds us of the senselessness of our history.  It was hard, really hard, to see decades of oppression, stripping a race of human beings of basic rights, and the fight to overcome these atrocities.  It also illustrated how the fight continues, and how far we still have to go….and also how the human spirit never looses its soul, its desire to thrive, to move forward.  That part was inspiring, instilling hope that things will continue to change, hopefully for the better…

Our afternoon took us to a quick lunch bite at the Bedrock Market and Cafe, a sweet little place, super good salad! Then we were off to Graceland.  We were a bit mixed on the need to see this attraction, but felt that we just wouldn’t be doing our time in Memphis justice if we did not make this trek! We arrived to no lines, which was great! We toured Elvis’ Mansion, as well as his planes.  It really was quite nice, definitely a time capsule of an era, and of a life cut too short. The whole story comes together describing not only the known career, but also of a man who loved his family, and was somewhat humble about his life at his home.  It appears he was loving, kind, humorous, fun loving, generous and a good friend.  His gravesite and that of his parents are all there as well, so it was a nice tribute.

After Graceland, we were off to the riverfront area for a bike ride.  It was beautifully sunny, but brisk day here, so perfect for this late afternoon venture! We took the new bike/ped bridge across the Mississippi River, which was amazing! The views were incredible, and at the halfway point we were in Arkansas! We then wove our way to the Memphis riverfront side, taking in this beautiful pathway.  It was so fun to again be out on the bromptons!

Dinner was an easy bite at a a local favorite of the police officers we asked called The Majestic.  It was relaxing, and by then we were just getting tired enough not to care.  We were hoping for a venue with some music, but all of the places we checked out that had live music were just a bit to loud for what we were seeking, so, sadly, no music tonight in music city…

Memphis is a smallish, charming town with great diversity, and what the locals describe as “Grit”.  It was clean, easy to get around, with many things to do, and with a little more time, we for sure would have gotten our music fix! This is a place we will have to make it back to sometime!

As always, thanks for coming along for the ride!