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Chattanooga to Nashville TN

Chattanooga to Nashville TN

It may be known as the Music City, but Nashville can do a lot more than just carry a tune. It’s a leading healthcare provider, a foodie destination, and a must-see for history buffs. It’s also the only place in the world where you’ll find a full-size replica of The Parthenon—and in a city park, no less.

From February through May 1960, African-American college students staged a series of sit-ins at stores and restaurants throughout downtown. While these weren’t the first such displays of nonviolent protest, they were some of the most successful, leading to Nashville becoming the first Southern cityto desegregate public establishments.

Oprah Winfrey spent part of her childhood in Nashville, where her father Vernon lived. At age 19, she took a job with WTFV-TV and became the city’s first female African-American news anchor.

Some great history, great music, great food, we are soooo excited!!!

Nashville here we come!!!

Update: We are only going to be in Nashville for one night this time,  then heading up to see our dear friends in Louisville for a couple of nights, then the four of us will be heading back to spend a couple of days together in Nashville, then we will go back to their place in Louisville for a couple more nights….Whew! Are you keeping up with this? We are..I think! So, there may be a couple of posts in each one of these lovely cities, or we may just combine details in one post…all time dependent!

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