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Provincetown MA to Newport RI

Provincetown MA to Newport RI

Some Fun Facts about Newport RI:

1 – The White Horse Tavern, standing since 1652, has been a tavern since 1673 and many consider it the oldest tavern building in continuous use in the United States. The White Horse Tavern is also considered one of the oldest buildings still standing in Newport.

2 – Built in 1763, Newport’s Touro Synagogue is the oldest surviving synagogue in North America.

3 – Newport is home to the oldest typewriter in America which can be found at the Newport Historical Society’s Brick Market Museum.

4 – Trinity Church has the only three-tiered wineglass pulpit in its original location in the U.S.

5 – Newport became home to the country’s first official circus performance when they hosted the first circus in 1774.

6 – Newport has more colonial homes in use than any other location in the U.S. In a recent story here on, Built In 1765: Oldest Buildings in Newport, RI, we discovered there are more than 6o buildings still standing in Newport prior to 1765.

7 – Newport was the site of the first duplex house, located at 57 Farewell Street, built in 1750.

8 – The Newport Mercury was founded in 1758, the oldest newspaper in continuous operation in the United States. Ann (Smith) Franklin became the sole editor and publisher of the Newport Mercury on August 22nd, 1762, making her the first female editor in the United States.

9 – Newport, the colonial capital of Rhode Island, was the first of the thirteen colonies to declare its independence from England on May 4th, 1776.

And, we will be heading there as you read this!!! So excited to see this historic city!

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