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A lovely day in so many ways to take a drive…Blue skies, a calm 70 degrees, lovely scenery through most of middle Michigan, the company of someone you enjoy…until…crazy pants driving strikes!!! Okay, I know that I have already complained a bit about the Chicago drivers, so I have to also give a shout out to several moments of white knuckle driving through the heartland. I did have to channel my LA driver previously, but today had to take it up a notch to channel my “Italian Job” driver more than once as we came into some of the larger cities around this lovely state! And yes, laid on the horn, but only briefly as someone merged 6 inches from my bumper at 80MPH! And  all this before any decent coffee!!! Imagine!?!

Things improved however as we neared our destination in Detroit.  A bit dicey as we tried to get to the renowned Eastern Market.

No parking within miles due a several mile long Lions tailgate party, which was both so cool and so massive!!! I was distracted enough to ignore the fact that I was the only Seahawks t-shirt in the mix….

We eventually got to our amazing hotel, The El Moore,

checked out the “transitioning” neighborhood,

Saw black squirrels…Who knew???

got very lucky with an Italian dinner at Mario’s, and sadly had to watch the Seahawks loose their opener against Green Bay…AND, we had amazing food, heard music being played that was inspiring, met and talked with folks that were interesting and warm, got to stay in a historic refurbished green building, and had one more day of our road trip that did not let down!

Engaging people, breathtaking sights of art, change, and hope for a city rebuilding…GO DETROIT! And thank you for your heartfelt hospitality! We enjoyed it all!!

And also a huge thanks again to our dear friend and highly paid (hah!) web consultant Gary for turning on the feature that will now allow all of you to leave comments! Yes, at the end of each blog post, feel free to post a comment of your own! We absolutely would love to hear from you! We might not have the time to respond right away, but we will always appreciate anything you might choose to add to our day!

And thanks for fastening your seat belts and joining us today!