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Hey Y’all! Yes, we have now officially been in the south long enough to use the term Y’all! May be transient, we shall see….

Our day was delightful! Coffee and a beautiful morning in Memphis, a town we will definitely return to someday. Then on the road to Little Rock Arkansas.  We had a lovely and low key drive (hallelujah!) and arrived in the quaint little downtown area, checked out a couple of shops, and the very cool riverfront!

Then off to the Clinton Presidential Library and Museum.

It was wonderful! There was a Nelson Mandela exhibit, which of course was very compelling, reflecting on the amazing human being he was, and his legacy moving forward.

The rest of the Clinton exhibits showcased times in our country and world that we were familiar with, events we remembered a bit better than the during the Carter Presidency. The good, the bad, and the ugly, there was the gamut, and sadly the ugly and the negative often have much more voice and presence than the good.  I believe that to be somewhat true for this administration.  There was such emphasis on peace, on partnering with other countries for a global good, of a commitment to education and the elderly, of respect for our diverse cultures, with respect for freedom and dignity for all people.  Again it instilled hope to remember that intelligence, although not perfect, was once in this position of power and leadership.  My hope is that it returns someday soon…

We also took some time to go to Central High School, where the Little Rock Nine, which were the first African American Children to attend this school, were met with hate, anger, violence and lack of support by their community in their attempts to receive a better education at this traditionally segregated school.

Their courage was inspiring, and continued to fuel the movement for civil rights and justice across the south. There was also an exhibit at  the Clinton Museum on this group of people who 40+ years later were each awarded a Congressional Medal of Honor by President Clinton at the White House. Again, inspiring!

After our tour of Little Rock we changed our plans, got on the road again and headed southwest, landing in Greenville Texas, about 50 miles north of Dallas.  We decided to drive just a bit closer to our destination for tomorrow, Waco and the Magnolia Silos!  I am not going to change the “listing” however, so it will still look like we are heading from Little Rock to Waco tomorrow…just a technicality!

Another full and happy day on the road! Feels good to be getting a bit closer to the west as well!

As always, we are so grateful that you are with us!