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Today was a lovely drive through the rolling farmland of Wisconsin. We were both amazed and awed to see the quaint farms, one after another, some very well kept, others looking dilapidated and abandoned, but beautiful and historic nonetheless. The weather was a bit cool, with only a high of 64, and we noticed fall colors already starting in some of the foliage…fall is definitely in the air early here!

We stopped in a quaint little town, Osseo Wisconsin, browsed in several shops, including the Norske Nook, where we bought some lovely lefse! It was so good, fresh made, some of the best I have ever had! We also ran into some men there who were doing an Osseo to Osseo trip as there is also and Osseo MN, so we had to share with them that we were on a Portland to Portland venture, and they couldn’t believe it! They literally could not quit saying “Oh my wow!” with their large Minnesotan accents! They were so cute!  And of course we bought cheese curds and sausage to go with the lefse, as one cannot live on carbs alone!

We arrived in Milwaukee at our victorian bed and breakfast, and were both delighted to stay in such a treasure.  It has been lovingly restored by our hosts, which took them 7 years, and I am certain a ton of money!

We then went out to a lovely dinner in the historic 3rd ward area of downtown, walked a bit on the riverfront, and are having an early evening as we get ready to head to Ludington tomorrow!

Thanks for coming along! We love the company!