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We got an early start today, intentionally, as we hoped to get around the Boston area before Friday afternoon traffic prevailed!


And we did it! The Boston traffic did not seem any different to us than the Portland traffic…Hmmm, spoke volumes to the tolerance we have developed in our little part of the world to just sitting in our cars….




Any way, we were able to make a brief stop in Kennebunkport for coffee and our little morning nibbles. It was an incredibly sweet, quaint, clean, but also oozed history and a sort of aloofness…

We found ourselves again loving the moment, finding little curiosities that were fun, that made us smile, and of course the beautiful and stunning Atlantic coastline! Breathtaking!

We rolled into Provincetown by early afternoon, succumbed to laundry details, and sadly cancelled all of our southern trip from Charleston through Montgomery.  But we are confident that we will get back down there in the near future! We are now working on re-booking, will keep you all posted as it comes together! Thanks so much for your suggestions!

Provincetown certainly did not disappoint! Marianne got out on a little bike ride, explored a bit for us, and we enjoyed a lovely dinner on the water.

Life is good, so good in this moment…we are again grateful and humbled by most of what is around us, and that we have the opportunity to stop and look at it, feel it for a change…and it changes us!

Always appreciate that you are joining us! Thanks for that!