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Wow, cannot believe that two days have flown by so quickly!

We have had an absolutely wonderful time here with our friend Michelle and her two lovely little adorable kitties Mayzie and Marcus! Mayzie is the smaller white one, Marcus is the big eyed tuxedo…

We spent most of today playing around in the little town Michelle lives in called Apex. The downtown area is only two blocks long, but we made the most of it, exploring nearly every shop.  I am especially grateful to Larry Seiger of Virtuoso Jewels, a lovely small Jewelry shop here in Apex that we stumbled into, and he shared with us his creations, and also fixed my favorite earring that had gotten badly bent and cleaned my wedding ring! Small town sweetness all the way!!! Thank you Larry!

We later moved on to another small historic town, Cary, just about 1 minutes away, and spend time in the little museum and art gallery there. We also took pictures of this huge old growth tree.  Michelle is a small person, but she really is dwarfed in comparison to this old man!

Another lovely dinner tonight, where we raised a glass of cheer to my dear friend Lesa, who would have been 58 today.  She passed earlier this year, and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of her, with much love. I miss you so much!!!

We are readying as I write to get an early start tomorrow for Asheville.  We will be sad to leave this little family…Always wishing the east coast was just a little closer to the west!

As always, the trails are much happier with you along!!!