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What a lovely day today in this city! First props to all of the people we chatted with, in passing and sharing a moment…you are truly kind, warm, and as M put it “so much sociality”! A nice combination of social manners and hospitality!

Again started the day with a coffee stop at Smelly Cat Coffee, with was located in the NoDa neighborhood, was quite nice! Then off to brunch at Zada Janes, nice little southern place, shared some light fare, and…biscuits! But with the loveliest jam ever!!!

Then off for a tour of the Duke Mansion, a not so over the top home (it’s hard to go from The Biltmore to an “ordinary” mansion…), with sweet gardens.  It did have such stories to tell and a gentle vibe. We totally enjoyed walking the neighborhood afterwards!

We moseyed our way to Thomas Street Tavern to catch the 2nd half of the Panthers vs Patriots game, what a hoot to be in Carolina territory! It was sort of like being in Seattle on a game day… really, really charged!!!  We met this cute couple, Crystal and Patrick, each rooting for their team, so sweet! And they were both VERY passionate about each play! So fun to watch, such spirit!!!

We took time to check out another neighborhood, then ventured off for dinner at Midwood Smokehouse, a real Carolina BBQ place, complete with all the trimmings! We shared some super good chicken and salad, and got a classic southern dessert that we have been seeing everywhere, banana pudding, to take home for dessert during the game later.

So now we are back to the room, and the Seahawks game has just started, and the sun has set.  My focus is now elsewhere, obviously, so more to say tomorrow as we are off to Greenville.

As always, so glad you are along for the ventures!

Go Seahawks!!!